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With my budding knowledge of systems/software design, IT infrastructure, and a passion for programming, I strive to become a software engineer with an emphasis in front-end / mobile development.

Experience-wise, I have held two internships, helped my team succeed in a hackathon, and taught myself multiple technical languages.

Interest-wise, I have been DJing for three years. Due to my artistic background since childhood, I have an aesthetic eye and great attention to detail. I also enjoy singing, dancing, weightlifting, and immersing myself in music.

Personality-wise, I am a go-getter. I constantly search for ways to improve myself in many facets of my life, and enjoy seeing others succeed. I look forward to becoming the most professional, personable, and proactive 'Albert Chang' that I can be.


SJSU Logo Picture - Albert Chang

San Jose State University

MAJOR:   Management Information Systems
MINOR:                    Computer Science
Major GPA:      3.94
Overall GPA:                     3.48
Graduated Spring 2017

Delta Sigma Phi "Sigma Scholar" x 3 for 3.59+ GPA (2016, 2016, 2017)
SJSU Dean's Scholar x 3 for 3.65+ GPA in 2 Contiguous Semesters (2016 - 2017)











Problem Solving





Decision Making




San Jose State University

Website Developer

BUS 118W - Web Based Computing

Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

Team of 3. Developed an online storefront using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and PHP

Implemented ticking analog clock that shifts across page, according to window size, using JavaScript

Enabled product feedback through PHP and SQL, and animated star-rating system with HTML/CSS

Website was voted "Best Looking" by the class and graded 304/300

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Flex logo - Albert Chang
Atheer logo - Albert Chang

Software Development Intern


Mar 2016 - Aug 2016

Collaborated with the local startup Atheer Labs↗ to construct Flex’s↗ augmented reality application for the 'Atheer Glass' smartglass device

Developed four vibrant Android screens using Java, XML, and multiple UI Fragments to handle state changes within application

Facilitated REST calls to global Flex servers to retrieve all data for use throughout app, using Flex’s API

Steps: Log in via barcode scan, tap on an item with specific ID#, then retrieve its location in warehouse

Click me to view a brief demo!

GameStop/IBM Bluemix Hackathon

2nd Place Winner


Nov 2015 - Nov 2015

Team of 4. Harnessed the powers of CraftAR by Catchoom, IBM Bluemix, and complex GameStop APIs

Wrote Java, XML, events, and click listeners in Android Studio, and handled all UI / UX for application

Application utilized CraftAR's image recognition capabilities to retrieve a game's data via a scan of its cover

3 large Buttons could be tapped to display game comparisons, store promotions, and similar games


1. DJing

I have been DJing heavily since August 2013. I focus primarily on energetic genres like Dubstep, Trap, Jungle Terror, Big Room House, Progressive House, Hip-Hop / Rap, and Rock. However, I try to embrace variety in my mixes, switching tempos and genres to keep my listeners in the zone.

You can find my latest Winter Mix below!

And my most challenging mix, a medley of seven different genres, below!

If you like what you hear, please support me here ↗, here ↗, and here ↗!

2. Drawing / Graphic Designing

I have been drawing since I was 5. In elementary school, I made over 20 comic books featuring my own characters, a mischievous preteen named Matt and a fat dog named Snuffy (Calvin & Hobbes vs. Garfield anyone?). These became so popular that several teachers even asked to read them.

As I grew older, my style went from cartoony to what is often described as "very realistic". I tend to place great emphasis on mirroring, rather than simplifying, an object.

I am very familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I first fell in love with graphic design in high school when I took an intro course as a sophomore, followed by advanced courses in junior and senior year. My most notable work then was a vector watercolor-esque portrait of one of my close friends (and crush at the time)!

During college, I have designed t-shirts for two SJSU Housing Buildings, entered in an official t-shirt design contest for the Golden State Warriors, and produced my own DJ logos.

3. Singing

Ah, the human voice. The most free and arguably beautiful way to express oneself.

Though I do not have an extensive singing history to recount from my younger years, I still absolutely love belting it out. Luckily, I have been told that I stay in tune well.

I joined Choir and Chorale in high school, singing Tenor 1 and Tenor 2 for a year. I was also a part of San Jose State University's Choir in my freshman year.

My most favorite genres to sing along to are Rock, R&B, and Alternative. I am not afraid to admit that I can also sing most Frozen songs by heart. Timeless songs to sing would definitely be "I'm Yours - Jason Mraz" and "Make A Man Out Of You - Donny Osmond".

Recently, I have had fun testing my vocal range with Charlie Puth's songs.

And no, I unfortunately do not have any covers (that I dare) to display. Ask me in person!

4. Programming

I truly enjoy giving life to websites and applications through meticulous code and elegant design.

I chose to Major in MIS and Minor in Computer Science to familiarize myself with some of the most predominant technical languages because technology intrigues me. Management Information Systems introduced me to Visual Basic and SQL, and Computer Science focused primarily on Java.

However, I found that school, while challenging me with complicated projects, did not touch on web development yet. So, I dedicated time to exploring online tutorials.

I initially taught myself HTML and CSS in Fall 2015, when I made the first version of this website. I also finished JavaScript and SQL courses on CodeCademy ↗ to hone my skills and learn new ones.

Since then, my Web Based Computing course has given me extensive practice with Bootstrap's intricacies, allowing me to give this new site uniformity, animations, and most importantly, responsive design. Shrink your window to its smallest size and take another look at this site!

5. Working Out

I wholeheartedly believe in the saying, "Look good, feel good".

There is something about hunching over after a heavy set, droplets of sweat raining from your head, and waking up the next morning sore and dead (But I'm not a rapper) that just feels so good.

It is the amount of effort that you put into it.

I began working out in freshman year of high school and immediately loved the burn. As soon as I started seeing gains, I knew I was hooked. I spent the summer of 2010 following ab workout regimens to turn my 4-pack into a 6-pack!

During each college semester, I try to gym 4 days a week, splitting the schedule into Back Day, Chest Day, Arm / Shoulder Day, and Leg Day.

I used to be a stick, but now I am a branch. I will grow into a trunk someday. We all will!

6. Attending Music Events

Nothing beats hearing your favorite songs live amongst the sheer energy of a crowd.

My very first concert in my life was Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, NV with my family when I was around 13. The second was David Cook in Sacramento, CA a few years after.

On Valentine's Day 2013, I attended my first electronic music event: Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour in San Francisco, CA. Since then, I have completely lost count of my events.

I have had some of my biggest and purest smiles at these events. I, along with many others, treat them as an escape from reality - a time where we can forget about the stresses and drama in life and just relish good music.

I have been to Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas three times. I still have yet to attend Coachella or Ultra Music Festival. But you can probably find me at the next smaller event!

Constantly listening to talented artists and DJs also inspires me for my own music and mixes!



Have awesome job/internship opportunities?
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